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Sophrology is both a science which studies the human consciousness
and techniques and methods using body mediation.

It aims to reinforce the balance between our emotions,
our thoughts and our behavior.

A mixture of Western relaxation and Eastern meditation 
makes it possible for each person
to find their inner-resources and to improve their quality of life.

Three fundamental principles :

  • To bring the body into a living reality, to live in the body in good health and to bring the mind and body into harmony.     
  • To reinforce positive action, in order to develop the positive elements of the past, the present and the future and to reach our full potential.     
  • To develop an objective reality, to learn how to see things more as they are, to develop more realism and thus improve the effectiveness of an action.

Techniques and methods :

  • Specific phronic techniques (specific sophronisations) : practised especially in individual sessions, there are many and selected according to level, needs and relevance (concentration on an internal stimulus, positive projection in the future, the past?). It is primarily an adaptation of a personalization at short sittings (10 to 15 min.) precise, with immediate or short-term objectives.
  • Caycedian Dynamic Relaxation (CD or CDR) : they are very effective and give a faster progression than the specific techniques (it exists several degrees, the first three, use, as a starting point Eastern techniques : Yoga, Tummo, Zazen). 
The purpose of the sophrology, true pedagogy of the existence, is to instigate in a positive way, qualities and resources taht  we all have. 
It provides us with tools to adapt to living in the modern world.

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sophrologist since 1993, author of the book Découvrir la sophrologie, 2008

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